The Ombudsman's Act 1984

The Office of the Ombudsman is an impartial and independent office established under the Ombudsman's Act 1984 and it represents the interests of the public. When the office was first established by way of the Ombudsman Act 1984, the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction was limited to investigating complaints about central government departments and organisations under Part 1 and 2 in the Schedule of that Act. In 2007, the Ombudsman (New Schedule) Order came into force updating the Schedule. 

Official Information Act 2008

Freedom of Information This act came into force on the 11th February 2009. An Act to make official information more freely available, to establish procedures for the acheivement of those purposes, and to repeal the Official Secrets Act 1951.

Cook Islands Disability Act 2008

This act came into force by Order in Executive Council on 27 June 2008. An Act to provide for the Government to institute and maintain a Disability Strategy in respect of persons with a disability, to make discrimination against a person with a disability unlawful, and to ensure that persons with a disability have access to certain buildings and to footpaths.

Cook Islands Police Act 2012

The Cook Islands Police Act came into effect in December 2012 and it enables the ombudsman to investigate police conduct, procedures, policies, decisions, recommendations, omisions and acts.

Download this file (2012 Police Act.pdf)Police Act 2012[Cook Islands Police Act 2012]80 Kb
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